About Us


A little about us, and where we're from

Today is not the world many of us grew up in 20-30 years ago. With all the new fangled gadgets it just seems life moves at the speed of light.  My wife Bonnie and I grew up knowing that if you didn't work the garden and take advantage of the gifts the good Lord had given you.... well you may not have much to eat over the winter months, or at the very least have it extremely rough.  Growing up in this time period gave us much experience with how to make food last and make it taste good.  We owe this to the great education that our parents and grandparents handed down to us from their parents completing the cycle of one generation to the next, and for growing up hard, we will forever be thankful.  Another thing that shapes who we are and why we do what we do has a great deal to do with where we live.  Campton, KY. You'll not find a Wal-Mart or a Mc Donald's.  All you will really find in this small town is some small local mom and pop stores and businesses (much like our own) along with some gas stations and the other normal things you would expect to find in small town USA, with one exception... the people.  The people here in Campton are the friendliest. It's hard to meet a stranger and it's even harder to drive down the street and pass by someone without receiving a friendly wave or nod. We are truly blessed to grow up here and raise our children here. However with all these great things there are always a few drawbacks. The downside to living in a small town is that sometimes it doesn't have all the amenities that a larger town has to offer.  That's where we come in to play with our food business. Campton is not big enough to win over large corporations and franchises but a small family owned business with minimal over head can survive.  And by doing so we are able to offer a higher quality product with only the finest ingredients and not only is our products great but so is our service, we think it is just what our little town needed. Our pizza begins with our made from scratch dough that we make our crusts from.  A special sauce that is made from fresh vine ripened tomatoes and then seasoned to near perfection, the best tasting pepperoni and 100% Mozzarella cheese that will stretch a country mile, ya know like it did when we were kids before they started substituting the milk in the cheese with oils.  when you make a purchase at Kel's Patriot Pizza our pizza won't soak into the box or drip oil on your shirt like many other lower quality high profile places. 

So on behalf of my family ( Bonnie, Marley, Erica, Sara, Chris, Skylar, Natasha and Natalie)and myself along with some other close friends we would like to welcome you to our neck of the woods and invite you to stop by our restaurant or call us for delivery (606) 668-9016 anytime Monday through Saturday 11am till 11pm, closed Sunday to respect the Lord and take a well deserved break. Hope to see you soon!


Special Events and Catering

Looking to buy a large number of pizzas? School event? Birthday party? Give us a call for special bulk pricing. For really large orders we will need at least 24 hours notice. Thanks in advance!

Seasonal and Local

We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant.  Nothing goes out of our establishment that we wouldn't want to put on our table in front of our kids.  Now mistakes happen, and if we mess up we will make sure to make it more than right. that's not just talk that's our promise.  And as always  we source our fresh ingredients from local farmers' markets and Butchers. We buy local every chance we can so you can too!